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Image quality is at the very core of Fujifilm’s 85 year legacy. Enabling surgeons to obtain the highest quality image clarity during minimally invasive procedures is vital to the patient care pathway: from detection and diagnosis, to surgical planning and treatment.

Fujifilm’s comprehensive and expanding portfolio of imaging technologies – including solutions for minimally invasive surgical endoscopy, surgical planning, enhanced recovery after surgery, and systems integration – accelerate innovation, delivering meaningful solutions that can help surgeons improve patient care and change lives.

At Virtual SAGES, we invite you to discover how Fujifilm is bringing the latest advancements in surgical endoscopy to care teams across the U.S. – and empowering them to reimagine surgical innovation in their practice.

Reimagine your OR partner: Fujifilm.

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Minimally Invasive Surgical Endoscopy

NEW: ELUXEO® Surgical System

Fujifilm brings innovation and efficiency to a new level with the introduction of its ELUXEO Surgical System, empowering you to enhance your procedural workflow, optimize the space in your surgical suite, and enable your team to meet new ABS requirements for general surgery.

4K UHD Video Processor

Fujifilm delivers ultra-high definition image clarity and exceptional ergonomics with its 4K UHD video imaging processor. Together, the 4K UHD Camera Head, 4K UHD Video Controller (with USB Image Video Capture), and High Power 300 LED Light Source work to enable unsurpassed visualization in laparoscopy.

Interlock Trocar

A true paradigm shift in minimally invasive surgical endoscopy, Fujifilm’s InterLock Trocar is a novel tandem motion visualization device providing surgeons the ability to simultaneously manipulate a laparoscope and a hand instrument with one incision, with one hand. Compatible with Fujifilm’s 3.8mm Ultra-Slim HD video laparoscope, it’s designed to deliver unsurpassed accuracy in details, excellent color fidelity, and sharp display quality.

Ultra-Slim Low Profile Surgical HD Video Laparoscope

Fujifilm’s 3.8mm Ultra-Slim Surgical HD Video Scope is engineered with “Chip on the Tip” technology to increase light-sensitivity, making images appear brilliant. This lightweight scope boasts HD digital image processing, less-fogging, autoclave sterilization re-processing, and a low profile, light weight ergonomic handle.

Flexible Endoscopy

EG-740N Ultra-Slim Gastroscope

Fujifilm enables surgeons to perform flexible endoscopy procedures with its EG-740N Ultra-Slim gastroscope, combining exceptional visualization with optimized stiffness to streamline access for screening and upper GI diagnostic procedures.

EC-760R-V/L Standard Colonoscope

Fujifilm’s 700 Series Colonoscopes feature unparalleled visualization with insertion technology to support access for routine and complex procedures. Fujifilm’s full line of colonoscopes includes standard, slim, adult, and zoom options.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Sonosite SII

The SII empowers efficiency through an intuitive, smart user interface that adapts to imaging needs. This portable system can be used across multiple hospital environments, including a zero-footprint option for space-constrained rooms. A durable glass screen with touchscreen controls eases the cleaning process, making SII an ideal system for OR’s where infection control is paramount.

SonoSite X-Porte

X-Porte incorporates breakthrough, proprietary beam-forming technology: XDI (Extreme Definition Imaging), to reduce clutter and enhance image contrast. X-Porte has an intuitive touchscreen interface, and unmatched durability and reliability. Users can scan along in real-time with > 87 onboard educational tutorials, providing the near immediate clinical support that a fast-paced surgical environment demands.

3D Surgical Planning

Synapse 3D

Synapse 3D can bring more comprehensive and assertive surgical planning capabilities to your organization. Developed in collaboration with surgeons, the multi-faceted applications are programmed to power robust, high-performing advanced visualization analyses that bring a new level of clinical confidence to the surgical suite.

Fujifilm Systems Integration

NEW: Fujifilm Systems Integration

Fujifilm Systems Integration introduces its offering, designed specifically for image and data integration in OR and interventional suites. Leveraging Systems Integration between Fujifilm image generation and image enablement products, clinical and IT teams have the ability to seamlessly route data from multiple technologies – from inside your endoscopic suite and hybrid operating room to your data repository and other locations within the healthcare facility, and beyond.

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